Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today's Lesson

I have begun lesson plans again... Karis has definitely been showing signs that she needed some "lessons," and I can't do them unless I have some sort of plan (I've been trying to wing it, and I don't do well with that). BUT, I have found an easier way to do them, and it went really well today. Here are my plans: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pIl6sWamBR04mEWnJ5pIwCw.

Today, we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and we learned how caterpillars become butterflies (the preschool version, of course). We made a 3-D butterfly, sang a song about 5 little butterflies, and colored a picture and put butterfly and caterpillar stickers on it. We counted the stickers and put the number above it. I wrote the word BUTTERFLY on the marker board, and we discussed the letters in the word, as well as the sounds of the letters. She also practiced writing the letter B (her choice). This may seem like a lot, but she loves learning. We also did a fingerplay out of a Playtime Devtional about how God made the world and everything in it. We read in another devotional about the details of this (he made light and dark, the stars, moon, sun, water, earth, etc). Thursday we will read about the animals, etc. She had a blast, and it really only lasted about 20-25 minutes.

Yesterday, we started a chore chart. She LOVES it. She's all about helping me now. Today, her behavior was SO much better than it has been lately. She was very helpful and stayed busy. There was no time for throwing fits. I strongly suggest starting a "chore chart" for your little ones. It teaches responsibility, helping others, desire to be part of the family, service, etc. She's learning now what her responsibilities are in this family, and it will continue til she leaves home :). Soon (not sure when), we're going to start giving her a small allowance, and teach her how to split it up. 10% tithe (first), 10% savings, and the rest she can spend if she wants. I still think she's a bit young now, and I will give her some other kind of treats for now.
This is a pic of Karis helping me make tomorrow's breakfast (Breakfast "cookies"):

Each night at bedtime, we have the same routine. She knows if we miss something. This has helped tremendously in getting her to go to bed without throwing a fit (we've always had some sort of routine, but we had gotten relaxed with it; we have perfected it lately). First we brush teeth (we take a bath every other night), we read out of her Bible or my Bible and talk about it, I sing to her, and we pray (usually this is Robert, Karis, and me). We also sometimes talk about her "learning posters." Here's a pic of the learning posters (she loves these):

Anyway... that's the latest with Karis. I will write a blog about Ethan tomorrow. There's just not as much to talk about with a baby, although, he's growing up fast! :)

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